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Level Of The Week
(Lara's Home)

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Picture Of The Week
(Tomb Raider Chronicles)
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New Site! |September , 2001

This site has been under construction for quite sometime. And now I am glad to say I am up and  ready. Well not completely up. A lot of the sections are under construction and I will do my best  to get them up and running as soon as possible. Thanks for checkin me out!

Tomb Raider Movie DVD Box Set | September , 2001

The Special Collector's Edition DVD of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider not only offers fans the opportunity to follow Lara as she travels to exotic locales to save the world, but also more than three hours of interactive entertainment. Order cut-off for the VHS is October 22 and for the DVD is October 2. Click here for more details.

Tomb Raider Next Generation Confirmed | September , 2001

This report from Tomb Raider Chronicles gives us the date for the nest TR game release as well as a few important game details. Derbyshire based studios Core Design have confirmed their latest Tomb Raider title code-named "Next Generation" will be released November 2002, specifically for PC and Playstation II platforms. Tomb Raider Next Generation will be a marked departure from The Last Revelation and their latest Lara Croft offering Tomb Raider Chronicles with Core aiming for a more adult orientated adventure sporting light RPG elements in the form of attribute development. Rather than allowing players to tweak the game's characters to their liking, certain actions - such as running and sprinting - will automatically become more effective the more a player performs them. This allows Core to include areas in the game that are accessible only by characters of a certain proficiency level. Lara Croft has undergone extensive rendering sporting over 5,000 polygons & supported by a new game engine which capitalizes on the PS2's vast terrain based capabilities.