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Tomb Raider 2: Dagger Of Xian

Lara gets a few costume changes in TR2
  Lara Croft returns in Tomb Raider II to discover the secret of the dagger of Xian. The ancient Chinese believed that whoever recovered this mythical dagger would gain powers beyond belief... provided they had the courage to plunge the dagger deep into their heart.

In this adventure, Lara is trying to beat Italian fanatics to the mythical dagger, with warrior monks trying to stop them. It supposedly gives the bearer the powers of a dragon. To keep it hidden from the clutches of man, it was placed deep inside the Great Wall of China. But to get there Lara has to travel to Venice, a sunken ship, Tibet, and finally, the Great Wall. Besides the Italians and the Monks Lara has to battle spiders, tigers, yeti, Dobermans and more!

Lara gets her first vehicles in TR2 Tomb Raider II is graphically superior to the first. Lara now sports her ponytail during the entire game, not just during the cinematics, and the locales are more complex with improved textures. She also has a change of wardrobe: a leather jacket for the colder climates, and a wetsuit for the underwater levels. But most importantly she has some new moves, new weapons, and a few vehicles to drive.



      Main features:

  • Improved, more detailed 3D environments all in real-time.
  • A 3rd person perspective with improved camera movement over the original.
  • 18 even more challenging levels of play.
  • More realistic cinematic sequences to evolve the story line with the game.
  • More abilities every adventurer needs: jumping, climbing, dodging, swimming, wall scaling, reverse flips, snowmobiles, boats...
  • Greater assortment of weapons including twin pistols, a shotgun, twin fully-automatic uzis, twin magnum pistols, M-16 machine gun, grenade launcher, harpoon gun, and flares.