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 Tomb Raider Level Editor Utilities

TRwest Version 2.00
by: Michael L. Jelarcic
Download | Website

A must have for wad editing. This program lets you create, and edit your wads. You can take one object from one wad, and put it in another. Or say you want to create your own wad with different objects but there all in different wads. This is your tool.

TR2Wad 1.4
by: Michiel
Download | Website

TR2WAD is a program that loads TR levels and creates WAD and TGA files from it. Some of the functions will be added in WADMerger too, and TR2WAD will get more functions to create levels for other TR games in the feature.

Wadmerger 1.7 beta 3
by: Michiel
Download | Website

WADMerger let you copy objects from WADs and TR levels to other WADs. You can also fix wrong AnimDispatches. These are wrong if thay point to other moveables like the UZI_ANIM pointing to DOOR_TYPE1 or something else. WADMerger fixes that and let it point to itself. You can also enable and disable the collesion and add textures.

Strpix 3.5
by: Turbo Pascal

Strpix3 is a program that let you do some editing to the Tomb Raider WAD files used in the Oficial level editor.

Jack Texture Ripper
by: Unknown

A program that extracts (rips) textures from any Tomb Raider level. This program saves textures as *.bmp so in order to use them in the official level editor, you need a program that opens *.bmp files and saves them as *.tga.

Tomb Ripper
by: David Skotnicki

This program opens *.wad and *.sfx files, created mainly for Tomb Raider 3.