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Tomb Raider Movie DVD Box Set Features

The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Special Collector's Edition DVD bonus features include:

  • Innovative, cutting-edge Menu Designs
  • Commentary by director Simon West
  • "Digging Into TOMB RAIDER" featurette: includes cast and crew interviews
  • "Crafting Lara Croft" featurette: a look at Angelina Jolie's three-month physical training for the role
  • "The Stunts of TOMB RAIDER" featurette: includes interviews with cast and crew
  • "The Visual Effects of TOMB RAIDER": eight shot-by-shot featurettes, including cast and crew interviews
  • "Are You Game?" featurette: an overview of the TOMB RAIDER game phenomenon, including the background of Lara, the evolution of the game (using footage from each game to date) and interviews with the creators of the game (at Eidos) and the film's cast and crew
  • Four Deleted Scenes
  • An Alternate Main Title Sequence
  • U2 Music Video "Elevation - TOMB RAIDER Mix"

The DVD-ROM features include:

  • TOMB RAIDER Timeline
  • Tomb Raider Chronicles" Game Demo with three levels
  • The Archived TOMB RAIDER Website
  • Extended IPIX TM Gallery
  • Access to an exclusive TOMB RAIDER website, available only through the DVD