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Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider: The Scion of Atlantis

Lara battles some nasty rivals in Tomb Raider 1 This is where it all began. In 1996, gamers around the world got their first glimpse of intrepid British adventurer Lara Croft. This time she's been hired by Jacqueline Natla, CEO of Natla Technologies, to locate a mysterious artifact rumored to lie buried in a Peruvian tomb. With the gamer's help, Lara finds the artifact only to realize it's just part of a larger, more powerful object - the Scion, a relic from the lost continent Atlantis. Lara also learns she's not the only one after the Scion, and - surprise, surprise! - her new employer is not at all what she seems to be.

Tomb Raider was one of the first games to successfully blend action and adventure genres. Gameplay centers on exploration and puzzle solving, but there's still plenty of combat as well. By today's standards the graphics are a bit primitive; however, patches are available for many popular 3dfx cards.

The game includes 15 extensive levels, in which Lara explores 4 main prehistoric locations, as follows…
Vilcabamba ... A civilization that flourished for hundreds of years in the Peruvian rainforests of South America. Guide Lara through the lost Incan city while battling wolves, bats, bears, raptors, and more.

Labryinth ...The Golden Age of Greece, and later Rome. Here Lara battles lions, alligators, crazed monkeys and more as she explores ruins of this ancient civilization.

Egyptian ...Where the vast power of Egypt rose with the pyramids. Explore buried pyramids and a hidden sphinx while fighting pumas, crocodiles, and some surprising mystical monsters.

Atlantean ...The pyramid of Atlantis where the mystery unfolds.
Lara admires the scenery The game is played with a 3rd person perspective, the gamer controlling Lara from behind as she makes her way through the totally 3D environment. The denizens in Tomb Raider, though rather polygonal on unaccelerated graphic cards, have extremely realistic movement that often make you just stop to watch.

The puzzles are not over-emphasized and are not impossible to solve. In fact, they are very logical and common sense and a keen eye will get you through any situation.

Tomb Raider is definitely a game worth your money and time, and it will be one that you will want to play again and again.

Bonus Levels: The re-release for PC and Macintosh, Tomb Raider Gold, includes four bonus levels. These levels can be downloaded free on the Internet. The 4 bonus levels are collectively named "Unfinished Business".


Main features:

  • The first real 3D interactive exploratory adventure.
  • 16 massive levels encompassing four continents.
  • A great variety of movements including somersaults, backflips, jumps, diving and more.
  • An intelligent 3rd person camera viewing system.
  • Unique multi-target acquisition system.
  • Assortment of weapons including twin pistols, a shotgun, twin fully-automatic uzis, twin magnum pistols...
  • Multi-genre impressive gameplay.
  • A clever and engrossing storyline.
  • Beautifully rendered cinematic sequences between levels to complete the storyline.
  • The greatest game heroine ever - Lara Croft

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