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TRMOVIE DVD SCREENS!!!! | October 25, 2001

Tomb Raider Movie Sequel Concerns | October 23, 2001

Security concerns dog the ''Tomb Raider'' sequel -- The film's producer questions whether exotic location shoots could be putting cast and crew at risk

Even before ''Lara Croft: Tomb Raider '' raked in $131 million at the box office, buzz had begun about a sequel to the girl power action movie. But resurrecting the live action version of the globe-trotting video game siren has not been easy.

First, producer Larry Gordon needed to find a script strong enough to entice Oscar winner Angelina Jolie, who demanded that any follow-up be ''100 times better'' than the critically-panned original (EW slammed its ''powder-blast gymnastic overkill in a vacuum'' with a grade of C). Though Gordon claims to have met his first challenge, his problems getting ''Tomb Raider 2'' onto the production fast track have just begun. ''We have a script, and Paramount wants to make it,'' says Gordon. ''But people not wanting to shoot overseas is now more of a concern.''

''Tomb Raider,'' filmed on location in England, Iceland, and Cambodia's Angkor Wat temples, was reportedly budgeted at $100 million. But since Sept. 11, the kind of exotic locations that made the movie such impressive eye candy have lost some of their appeal in Hollywood. ''Though now is probably the ideal time to travel with security at the airports being beefed up, some actors are going to be reluctant to hop on a plane,'' notes media analyst Robert Bucksbaum of ReelSource.

Gordon, too, admits to feeling a little skittish. ''I'm very concerned about the safety of the crew, of me and Lloyd [Levin, his producing partner], and Angelina, and everyone else,'' he says. ''If something happens in the world and things get worse and you can't fly, well, you can't fly.'' (Paramount declined to comment on the status of the project, but prior to Sept. 11 Jolie had said that shooting might be rushed ahead to ensure a 2002 opening.)


Tomb Raider DVD Region Code 2: November 26th | October 16, 2001

TRNC can reveal the full official special features of the hotly anticipated DVD of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider! Paramount Home Entertainment will release the disc on 26 November, priced 31,51 Euro (£19.99 , Hfl.69,45 , DM 61,63,
FF  206,71 , $ 28,32), and less than two weeks after it hits the shops in America.

Director Simon West shares his thoughts and anecdotes in an audio commentary alongside five features. ‘Digging Into Tomb Raider’ interviews the stars and crew, ‘Crafting Lara Croft’ observes Angelina Jolie’s punishing three month training regime, ‘The Stunts Of Tomb Raider’ profiles the daredevil stunt work, ‘The Visual Effects Of Tomb Raider’ studies the FX work a shot at a time, and finally, ‘Are You Game’ is a retrospective documentary about Lara’s incredible evolution from pixel princess to silver screen icon.

In addition anticipate four deleted scenes, an alternate version of the main title sequence and the effects-heavy video for U2’s hit ‘Elevation.’ DVD-ROM content is still to be finalized but if the US edition is anything to go by, expect ‘The Tomb Raider Timeline,’ a three-level demo of ‘Tomb Raider Chronicles’ and the entire theatrical Web site!

The icing on the cake is an Easter Egg of father and daughter – and Tomb Raider co-stars – Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight. 

So for people living in Region Code 2 keep November 26th free.

Tomb Raider The Next Generation News | September 25, 2001

A little bit more news was released on Tomb Raider "The Next Generation." It seems a few rumours were confirmed. Here's a quick rundown of new facts.

  • The entire game will be set in Paris


  • There will be many installments to this edition

  • Lara is "in trouble." Don't ask me what that means, they aren't giving much out.

Check out the interview here