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Tomb Raider Level Editor Chatbox Network - Help

This chatbox is hosted on

The chatbox is operated by

The rules
In the chatbox you can get away with pretty much anything, but we do have some guidelines you have to follow. We don't allow flooding, spam, abusive or agressive behaviour. The operators have the right to kick or even ban you from the chatbox if you break any of the rules and ignore the warnings given to you by the operators.

Q: The chatbox doesn't load, what's wrong?
A: Make sure you have Java Applets enabled in your browser options. Also, be patient, it takes a while for the Applet to initiate. If you're still getting the gray screen after several minutes, try closing the chatbox and opening it again. If that also fails, mail one of the operators.
Q: How do I change my nickname?
A: Type /nick newnickname
Q: How can I send actions?
A: Type /me does something
Q: Can I be an operator?
A: We don't give out operator status to just anyone. If you know a lot about the LE and things related to it and you like to help people with LE problems, you can ask the chatbox operators about this and they will consider your request.
Q: How can I use "custom slaps"?
A: You can only make your own custom slaps if you are on mIRC. Download it at
Q: Can I connect to the chatbox if I'm on mIRC?
A: Yes you can. Connect to server port 6667 and join channel #TRLE.
Q: I have a TR/TRLE site and I like to host the chatbox, is that possible?
A: Ofcourse, you can e-mail the chatbox creator here and request the TRLE chatbox.