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Get Your Hands On Lara's Guns

IceFire Enterprises is a company that mainly distributes and retails airsoft products. They offer some of the best and most affordable airsoft guns and rifles for beginners, veterans, and military firearm replica collectors.

Most of IceFire's airsoft guns are made with metallic parts to give you a very realistic feel to it as well. They are currently in use by the military for wargame exercises and are a completely great alternative to paintball
wargames available for civilians. Now you can have very realistic looking and pure joy fun to play with airsoft firing full scale replicas of military assault rifles. They come in different models which are either powered by spring, gas, or electric. They are  capable of firing single-shot, semi-automatic or fully-automatic.

Now they have airsoft gun replicas of Lara Croft's guns as seen in the Tomb Raider Movie. Their Tomb Raider Movie replica guns are spring powered, which means it is in single-shot firing mode. How this works is that you take out the detachable magazine (just like the way you would with the real gun version), load the 6mm round plastic bbs or paintballs, and insert it back into the gun. Cock the gun's slide back to load 1 bb round from the magazine into its chamber and release it (just like the real gun) and pull the trigger when ready to fire. And repeat cocking the slide back and release every time before you pull the trigger so there would be one round inside the chamber to fire. There are semi-automatic versions of this gun (fires every time you pull the trigger) which they will soon have. Even the Stery TMP Lara was using is coming up soon as well and its full auto blow back version!

These airsoft guns are legal to purchase by anyone over the age of 17 in the United States. Anyone else around the world will need to check up with your country's customs regulations regarding the importation of airsoft guns. It's mostly legal everywhere, but check anyway to be sure.

For more product and ordering information, check IceFire Enterprises website.

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